An installed audio visual projection system is a powerful presentation tool. Projection technology has evolved very fast and opened the door to a new generation of applications that cover all market sectors and please ever more demanding audiences.

At the same time, the technology behind projection systems has produced cutting-edge solutions that offer consistently high performance for users who need to capture information and communicate it fast and effectively.

The evolving technology has assured modern projection systems have a place in today’s ever growing presentation environments. Dynamic LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors, LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) and laser/hybrid’s now give users a powerful tool to present meetings, conferences and events  with simplicity and ease , ensuring that every member of the audience is amazed at the visual experience.

Led Displays

LED is a truly versatile display technology and it’s little wonder so many companies see this as their flagship Audio Visual equipment solution. Innovations in display technologies, such as Common Cathode and laser diode controls have led to incredible advances in the range of applications and environments that LED displays can support – and dominate with such flawless performance.

In terms of the science behind LED (light-emitting diode) technology, it can be summed up as a semi-conductor that acts in the same way as a transistor and, when voltage is passed through it, light is emitted. The red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs that together form pixel ‘modules’ or ‘tiles’, which are arranged to form the viewing surface and, when many panels are joined together, the size and configuration of the viewing surface can be customised to suit any environment or space .

Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the most ingenious audio visual systems today and the rate at which it’s evolving to suit increasingly more demanding clients is remarkable. The possibilities are endless and there’s a world of opportunity being created by dynamic messaging – and everyone wants this technology installed.

It’s not just about the hardware that’s used to generate images or display visual messages – LCD panel, LFD display, video cube, projector, or full matrix LED display wall – it’s the content and the impact and functionality of it that’s shaping the digital signage revolution. Displayed content communicates directly to targeted audiences with messages, information and presentations that create excitement, engagement and build atmosphere in ever more impressive ways.

Audio Systems

Smart audio systems for presentations, conferencing, events, and Installed systems

The art of successful audio visual integration lies in the ability to embrace the key elements of sound, vision and message and enhance them so everyone remains completely engaged throughout. Visual Systems professional audio systems consist of intelligent solutions that work in conjunction with other Audio Visual technologies to create totally integrated communications environments for a wide range of applications in all market sectors.

We partner the world’s leading audio systems manufacturers to deliver intuitive and crystal clear sound solutions that range from discreet, portable audio solutions to the most complex fixed installed audio systems for specialist auditorium and boardroom sound. They also include voice and media over IP, DSP audio processing, audio conferencing and presentation, distribution and networking, voting and delegate systems, VA systems, home automation systems and whole building fixed audio solutions.

Room Control

In many presentation environments there are a number of items to control, such as a projector or LED screen, CCTV , Blue ray DVD, amplifier and PC, each with a remote control.

The running of a multimedia presentation can get complicated, especially if a remote has gone missing! If you then add in video conferencing, lighting, air conditioning etc. then operating the room can become a complete nightmare.

The answer is to integrate a room control system into the AV system design.

At the more sophisticated end of the market it is possible to program systems that will drive all the functionality of the individual items of equipment as well as to program combination of events. For example you could have a button that when pushed, switches on the TV and selects the DVD input , automatically dim the lights, turns on the audio system and closes the curtains/blinds.

Video Walls

Video walls are being used more and more by businesses to promote and market their products and services. When size is important and impact is what you are after, then a video wall may be just the solution that you are looking for .

Whether you are looking for a 2×2 portable video wall for moveable demonstrations or a 25 screen fixed installation or a LED wall , we have the products for you by all the leading industry brands.

Each model has different specifications depending on your requirements and all of our products provide outstanding cinematic viewing. With our video walls, you are guaranteed to impress visitors that walk in to any room or space .

The number of screens or LED tiles that can be connected are endless and the bezel edges on the screen allow us to install a video wall that is linked seamlessly. You can use the large screens to promote your business, latest features and offers or you can always show the latest sports game on a giant video wall screen. Regardless, your customers will be impressed.

Wireless Presentation

More devices than ever are connecting wirelessly to our networks, revolutionising communications – and Visual Systems has been there since the beginning of the wireless evolution.

By using products like Barco Clickshare or Kramer Vio we can now present wirelessly to a local display or projector making presentations easier for the users and does away with messy cabling or faulty cables.

Our engineers and technicians have experience to lead you through a new implementation, optimise an existing system, or mobilise a current business function.

By surveying and measuring signal strength, analysing background interference, and ensuring security on a network no longer constrained by physical walls, we’ll help you support growing numbers of applications and users, and plan for the future.

Unified Communications

Unified communications bring together a world of technologies and services, applications and devices to connect networks, organisations and their people anywhere, anytime. Visual Systems designs unified communication systems that work with the existing Audio Visual infrastructure. We also design and supply voice and video collaboration, conferencing and telepresence, telephony and instant messaging that make perfect business sense.

Then, we go one step further with personalised collaborative solutions that deliver standards-based, end-to-end unified communication solutions – all optimised for the environments we all depend on. This portfolio of enterprise-grade, integrated tools and purpose-built devices are all optimised for collaboration from the desk, on the road, at home or in a boardroom and promise a personal communication experience that is accessible, cost-effective and instigates productivity.

Features that keep everyone talking and make sound business sense

We’re devising unified communication environments that feature enterprise level communication services, audio, video and web conferencing services, voice solutions, such as IP telephony, desktop sharing and presence information and instant messaging services that keep everyone talking wherever they are, whatever platform they’re using.


The financial benefits of a tailored unified communications strategy ensures this is an investment that makes sound economic sense too. By leveraging existing infrastructure servers and gateways, Visual Systems clients are maximising the return on their investment from the outset and will continue to reduce total cost of ownership  through a native integration that provides plug-and-play functionality for seamless deployment and management.

Visual Systems tailored unified communications strategies are radically enhancing the way people interact with each other with straightforward, scalable and rich integration on world class infrastructures and platforms that are evolving fast and taking account of the way today’s more progressive organisations collaborate.

Talk to Visual Systems about unified communications to suit your business environment.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can create an effective solution for your business. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide you with a fair, no obligation estimate.

Network Infrastructure

The ideal time to wire for your buildings network is during renovation or new build works.

Our team will design an efficient IT network infrastructure to provide strong wireless connectivity and wired data connections where required.

We often swap out the standard ISP’s broadband routers and instead commission a business standard router with separate wireless access points. This provides more stability – with less re-booting compared to the ISP’s mass market routers.

So much can be achieved over structured cabling, pre-wiring your building or office should be a priority.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can create an effective solution for your business. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide you with a fair, no obligation estimate.

Room Booking Systems

Room booking systems can help organisations regain control of their meeting spaces. Used effectively they can:

Simplify the room booking process
Make it easier to find meeting spaces on the fly
Allow changes in room occupancy to be visible to all potential users in real time.
Depending on the system selected Room booking can also support
Facilities management and equipment fault reporting
Provide access to additional services
Control equipment within the room space.

Visual Systems work with all the leading brands and can help advice your organisation on what is the best system for your requirement and budget.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can create an effective solution for your business. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide you with a fair, no obligation estimate.

Lighting Control

Lighting control brings many benefits – whether one or two circuits are dimmed when a presentation or movie starts, or if all of your office building or home lighting is set for lighting scenes to illuminate and decorate.

Other benefits include gentle ramping of lights when they switch on and off, extending lamp life and avoiding harsh lighting.

Keypads replace light switches and allow different lighting scenes to be recalled, mixing multiple circuits in the room, and dimming up and down.

Control lighting with a mobile device, or even remotely if you are away from your home is possible with a Visual Systems lighting design.

Visual Systems works with all leading brands and partners with Lagrand for the Hospitality and residential solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can create an effective solution for your business. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide you with a fair, no obligation estimate.